Friday, December 28, 2007

Credit Cards --- well, I love 'em

Credit cards -- a lot of people get into trouble with these little guys, but they have been a huge bonus for us. Why? Because we pay them off every month. In 26 years, we've only missed two months doing this -- and saved a LOT of interest in the bargain.
As much as possible, we pay every bill, large or small, with a credit card.
How do they help?
*We can see purchases every month at a glance. Went to the grocery store or Sam's a bit too much? Hit that year-end sale at Kohl's a bit too hard? It shows up in a flash on the statement.
*It makes keeping business records that much easier. Generally, I use Quickbooks to log my receipts -- but some get missed. But they all show up on the credit card statement.
*We can pay online for practically everything. Saves time, saves effort. And DH just schedules an automatic payment for the credit card via our bank account. Terrific.
*We get rewarded for using the card! We NEVER pay a yearly fee, and get the highest percentage we can for cashback rewards. Generally, we earn from $200-400 yearly doing this...or double that money by using it for giftcards offered by the credit card company at a discount.

Here's a great Chase VISA that gives you a $50 bonus with first purchase
And after you apply -- a coupon comes up for a $100 bonus if you open a bank account with them, as well! The bad part: I just found this, but the offer ends Dec. 31. If you're interested, apply asap.

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