Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well, hi there!

My name is Cindy Brick...you may have read one of my needlework (especially quilting) articles, or looked at one of my books. HANKY PANKY? Yes, that's me...or should I say, my handkerchief quilting book. CRAZY QUILTS? Yup, that's my newest one, due out in mid-Feb 2008. (You can see it both on amazon.com, and on my company website, Brickworks. ( http://www.cindybrick.com )

I live in Castle Rock, Colorado, halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs, with DH and two zany Weimaraners, as well as a houseful of quilts, projects-in-progress, books, books, and more books. See my previous blog at http://www.cindybrick.livejournal.com

Talk to you soon!

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