Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Blewwwwwwws

It is blowing great guns out there. One little-known reality about Colorado: we have these insane winds that take no prisoners. They howl around the house, and even the boys (our Weimaraners) look alarmed. Normally I don't mind the extra wind, unless there are quilts on the line or we're headed somewhere. The combination of trying to drive alongside the mountains, and getting your car buffeted back and forth with every turn, is not a pretty one.

I grew up in Michigan, where high winds usually signaled 'tornado.' And that's what I think, nearly every single time. I haven't headed for the basement yet...but I think about it!

An extremely good site for your Favorites list:

She has coupons, specials and freebies that get added to nearly every day. And they're good ones, too! Head there now, and you'll learn about getting a box of pasta FREE on Feb. 29, Leap Year Day.

Now I think I'll go out and look for the sheets that were on the line. Last I checked, they were headed west to Kansas.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi Cindy...So nice to see your comment on my blog. My thanks for swinging by! I think it is great that we are exploring some of the same next embellisher experiment is using a hankie as well as some orphan blocks, but set in a frame of tres moderne felted silks. I am trying these days to conflate the vintage & historical with the contemporary...

We met briefly in Omaha back in 2002..wish I could go again this year but alas cannot...some of my favorite folks, Martha and Cindy, will be teaching alongside you though...lucky all of you!

I'd forgotten that you grew up in too...I still go back once a year for a week in the summer...not tornado season!

I'll have your blog on my RSS, now that I know you have one, so I can stay tuned in to your doings.

And congratulations on your book!!!