Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

"The Lord is risen!"

"He is risen, indeed!"

Hope you all had a very happy (and restful) Easter. I love the day, for what it represents. I do. But when you sing on a worship team for your church, Easter is ZANY. Besides the usual work last week, Dave and I both had 3 hours of practice on Thursday, 3 hours Saturday, and nearly 2 hours Sunday morning -- before we both sang/played for both services at church -- extra-long, new stuff (except 2 songs) each time...and special music, as well. By the time the sermon rolled around on second service, nearly everybody on Worship Team was beat -- not to mention hoarse.

Our girlies (and Angel's boyfriend Keith) came for dinner, along with friend Constance. Then Dave and I tiptoed off for our usual Sunday nap -- which turned out to be a 3-hour marathon.

Dave said, "Maybe next year we should celebrate all our holidays a week late!"

The appraisal reports are nearly all finished now. (Whew) One more to go, and I hope to finish that tomorrow morning. Then it's finish up some final niggling stuff for the Crazy Quilts book...and go out to lunch at New Saigon, this great Vietnamese place in Denver. (Love those egg rolls, made of crispy, crackly skin and wrapped in lettuce, mint, cilantro and bean sprouts. Crisp, hot and crunchy meets cool and amazing combo, with cool mint on the periphery.)

I am SO looking forward to finally starting to catch up.

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