Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lazy Saturday

5 Things That Make a Lazy Saturday Wonderful:

*sleeping in, after a long Friday evening. (We had an exhibit opening to go to, at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Sue and James Crouse's wonderful quilts were on show...they've just been recently acquired by RMQM.)

*Bright sunny skies, with spring just coming in!

*Steak and Eggs Farmer Fry. Easy, fast and makes maximum use of restaurant leftovers. Start your frying pan with a lacing of olive oil, then throw in half of a chopped onion, 1-3 baked potatoes, a handful of cubed steak, and a handful of chopped bacon. (You can get by without the bacon -- but only about an inch thickness sawed off the pound package will do, though.) Mushrooms, chopped broccoli , peppers or other leftover veggies are good, too. Let everything gently fry together until the bacon is cooked, then crack open two eggs on top. Turn the heat off, then stir until the eggs are cooked. Serve with hot coffee. YUM.

*Popcorn. A classic b&w TV western. (Today's it's "Colorado Territory" with Joel McCrea.) Your sweetie snuggled on your shoulder for his afternoon nap.

*And time not only to catch up, but rest up!


A Missouri friend, Carolyn Peterson, called yesterday with her money childhood memory. She has fond memories of her grandma giving her a nickle tied in the corner of a handkerchief, for putting in the offering plate Sunday at church.

What's your favorite money childhood memory?

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