Sunday, April 27, 2008

Becoming A Pincushion for Brazil

Well, we finally did it. Dave and I went and got three vaccinations needed for May's trip to Brazil: yellow fever, hepatitis A and a tetanus. Plus an oral typhoid med. Plus a prescription for ANOTHER oral med -- this time for malaria.

All for the bargain price of $600. (More, actually, when we go pick up the malaria pills.)


It does seem like the trip is finally becoming real, though. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, Dave, yours truly and 19 other people are manning a boat going down the backwaters of the Amazon for a two-week trip, starting May 26. We'll have a medical and dental clinic on board, and will be holding Vacation Bible School classes for the kids in each town. Plus we'll be doing some construction work, and digging a freshwater well for one village.

This is with Amor Brazil:

I've lived and traveled in Europe, and we've spent time in Mexico. Dave, during his Navy days, also went over to Europe, but spent time in South America, as well. But neither of us has ever been to Brazil. Definitely not the Amazon.

This is new territory.

All I can say is that we were supposed to go -- both of us. We put definite 'fleeces' out, and God answered them quite clearly. The heat-and-living-with-tropics stuff is a bit daunting. The living-with-a-bunch-of-guys angle isn't...there are 3 women and 18 guys, but I've known the vast majority of these men since the girlies were little, and they are old and treasured friends. I like men! They are quirky and amusing, and they tell funny stories.

The 'not-quite-knowing-what-I'll-do' stuff is a little uneasy...but if God wants me to go, He's going to make it quite clear how and when I need to do stuff, don't you think? (Looks like it will mostly be working with the kids, so far.)

The money angle, however, was terrifying -- at least $2000 for each of us, poneyed up when Amor-Brazil needed it. I am amazed, however, to realize that at every time we've needed to pay, the funds have been there. Why was I worrying about this?

And the Worship Team band gave a concert Friday night -- which I also helped out with a dessert buffet and chocolate fountain. (Yes, neither of us still is not feeling well, and worried about losing our voices at just the wrong time.) It went GREAT -- my voice stayed strong just when I needed it, the chocolate fountain was huge hit (in spite of having a critical part break just before...hooray for superglue!)...and people donated $3300 toward the Brazil trip. AMAZING!!

A little more than three weeks awaits. I need to get a lot of things done beforehand -- plus there are some interesting developments that are coming up in this Brick's life.

More tomorrow.

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