Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Times, They Are A-Changin...

Finally, I am beginning to see the light again. When you're an appraiser, and people donate quilts, they also need a special report to submit to the IRS. By April 15. Which means you hustle up and get their reports done...and your own taxes suffer.
Don't feel too sorry for me. I am a notorious procrastinator. (Shame, shame.) The good thing is that I am in the middle of the Last Report, which should go out in tomorrow's mail. Then it's on to some promised articles -- and clean up the rat's nest waiting downstairs!
Wait a minute. Rat's nest? self-respecting rat would dare step foot downstairs. I suspect there are Things down there. Big Things. Perhaps hiding under Other Things. (Like those weird monsters under the bed in the Calvin & Hobbes cartoons...only I have nothing to throw them!)
Dave is headed to our niece's wedding in Rhode Island tomorrow morning. Once I drop him off at the airport, I plan to make a beeline for home. Then, other than a lecture in Castle Rock Saturday morning, I plan to WORK. And catch up.

One of my voice students just had leg surgery...Ana is a dear, and has had to deal with her leg suddenly going out from under her. (Especially scary when you're trying to maneuver on winter ice.) Considering her surgeries, past and present, and living with legs that don't quiiiite operate like they should, she has been amazingly gutsy through the whole thing. You can see Ana's progress at her blog,

Back to the report -- then sleep. Hopefully.

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