Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's done -- the library lecture went great! Strange feeling, though, to look at the audience and see faces I knew well, including one of the best Crazy quilters in Castle Rock (Arline Hooker), old friends who used to go to church, a former teacher of my girlies, and two buddies connected to the Brazil trip in May. It's one thing to yammer on to relative strangers...and a whole different take when you're lecturing people who Know Things About You. Other than Arline, these people knew me as the girl who walked her daughters to school, or sang on Worship Team, or cut out sheep and pictures frames for the VBS kids on the upcoming Brazil trip. I felt a little naked at first, revealing this side of myself...then I forgot all about it, in the pleasure of talking about Crazies.

One highlight was showing one of my few Castle Rock-acquired textiles: a lovely 1970s hostess gown, with a huge owl appliqued on the front -- each wing acts as a large-scale pocket, and if the round wood button eyes were juuussst 3" higher, they'd make interesting accents to a certain part of the female anatomy! (Ahem.) Crazy-style accents on the sleeves include strips of ribbon. My favorite ribbon: Woody Woodpecker.

I can hear your envy already of this amazing piece. (!!!) Actually, I used to harness one of the girlies into it -- until they started demanding a fee to wear it. Last I checked, the going price was $10. I'm sure this was just a smokescreen to salve Mom's hurt feelings!

CRAZY QUILTS is going great guns...there are several upcoming reviews and articles planned, and I just heard that it's going to be reprinted! It's continued to stay on Amazon's bestseller list, in one position or another. Wonderful.

On another note, this is one of most graceful defenses of frugality that I've ever heard. In fact, this blog is worth reading -- period.

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