Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Blizzard

We have a new kitchen faucet...lovely. Dave spent a good share of his evening last night with his head underneath the kitchen sink. A nasty way to spend it, but gee, I am so grateful.
Thank you, Honey.

We woke up this morning to snow. And wind. And ice. It's a full-scale blizzard, courtesy of April. Where are those crocus? The daffodil and daylily leaves? They're under there, I'm sure...but when the wind is shrieking around the house, it's hard to remember that.

Chili's in the crockpot, warming the air. Dave had to go to work. (Those Who Decide decreed that Douglas County Schools would have class on time, even though it's hard to see the roads, let alone find them.) But when he gets home, I'm guessing that our usual Thursday night commitment -- worship team practice -- will be cancelled. And then we can spend a cozy night by the fire.


Anonymous said...

You just reminded me of the times when I used to stay in on stormy days. Eating chicken noodle soup and watching the drive slowly drive by. We used to make warm dinner and sit around the TV and watch a movie. Maybe even a Christmas movie in the middle of spring. It just takes you back. Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories. You should head over to and check out their new real-life series “I Survived,” I'm sure you'll love it. The premiere is March 25 @ 9pm ET. I’ve already seen the first episode (I work with Bio). You'll see how individuals overcame unbelievable circumstances. In the first episode, this guy was on his way to an overnight camping trip when a huge blizzard struck, his truck got stuck in the snow, and he only had enough food for 1 night and water for a few days. Things started turning out for the worst, fortunately he knew some great survival tactics that kept him alive and able to talk about his triumph in the end!

You should definitely watch the show.

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Cindy,
I've been meaning to write to you all week! Thank you for leaving a message on my blog. I was thrilled to find your new book at Borders and to review it for my blog readers. It truly is a wonderful addition to any CQ book collection. I can most definitely see the love, care and research that you put into it. I was so into reading it, I could hardly put it down to stitch!

Thank you Cindy!!!

Pam Kellogg

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you, G, for mentioning the "I Survived" show...I'll look for it! I've read some of those stories -- in fact, our state is famous for one guy who got trapped while hiking, and was forced to cut his own foot off...

I've watched my share of Christmas movies in blizzards (and go through a period in July when it's just blazing outside, playing Christmas music, too)...Dave thinks this is silly, but I enjoy it. So pooh to him.

Thanks so much for writing.

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