Friday, May 9, 2008

Hanky Panky's Mentioned on the Internet!

Quilter's World magazine has a great monthly e-newsletter, and this month, Hanky Panky's part of it! You can find it here:

And here's what they say:

Beverly shares another source for quilts made from hankies.
"Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts from the American School of Needlework is a great book about using handkerchiefs in quilts. I made two big wall hangings for a friend from hankies that belonged to her mother and grandmother. We embellished them with jewelry, beads and pins that had belonged to them as well."
Karen adds:
"Cindy Brick, author of Hanky Panky Crazy Quilts, was featured on Simply Quilts on HGTV. You can watch get some simple instructions for using handkerchiefs at Go to Cindy's Web site ( for more information."
It just so happens that there is another book available through a link at the Quilter's World Web site. Go to to find Hooked on Hankies by Laurene Sinema and Janet Carruth for $19.98.

Hooked on Hankies by Laurene Sinema and Janet Carruth.
Sharon writes:
"I have some feedback for Charlotte who wants to make handkerchief quilts. I was on the same quest when I wanted to use my mother's handkerchiefs to make memorials for her granddaughters."I found my solution in the book Handkerchief Quilts by Pat Long Gardner. I ordered it several years ago, and it is still available on Not only does the book contain excellent advice concerning developing a handkerchief quilt, it has many quilt samples, and the border patterns you need to make your own handkerchief quilts."
Pat has some advice:
"I made a handkerchief quilt by cutting a large square of muslin (about 30 inches square), and when I made the three-layer quilt sandwich, I cut the batting and backing about 7-inches larger so I could add a border later. I then arranged some of my hankies on it -- some opened up flat, others folded -- added little crocheted small pieces I had (glove, cross), then tacked all on the square, trying to actually quilt it on, with stitches not showing on top. I then added a large floral border, which I hand-quilted. I was pleased with the results."

Thanks, Quilter's World!

Another great handkerchief quilt book is Sharon Newman's Handkerchief Quilts (also by American School of Needlework). It's hard to find, but worth it.
Hopefully by the end of this year, my sequel, tentatively called Hanky Panky with a Flourish, will also be out! It will include butterfly and angel hanky quilt patterns, several patterns that don't require cutting the hankies (one of the a-1 requests from customers)...and some interesting hanky quilt methods. You can e-mail us at if you want an e-mail note when it's available.

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