Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's May, Right?

...and mixed in with the rain, is snow. You read that right -- snow.

Welcome to Colorado.

Baby Nevea is in my lap...this tiny cutie is otherwise known as "Miss Grabby" at our house. She's made several attempts to type her own views on the situation, but is now back in her carry-basket, pondering an escape.

This little curly-headed girlie is the daughter of one of our young friends, Becky. When I was a young mom with two babies, a friend took the girls for one morning a week. Bliss. Sometimes I just slept...mostly, I did some writing or got errands done. I promised myself I would do this for someone else to pay my friend back. Nevea's part of that promise.

While she's distracted (bound to be only split-second), just a mention that this blog is going to be rather quiet for the next three weeks. I leave tomorrow for a week in Michigan with my folks, especially my dad, who is not doing well. (Multiple melanomas -- no cure at present.) Then the Brick and I leave for a two-week trip to Brazil:

I've mentioned some about this, will add more in coming weeks.
Since the folks do not believe in computers (sigh), I'll only be able to check e-mail a few times this week. And the backwaters of the Amazon do not have e-mail capability!

So I'm around...I'll post now and then...but it may be a bit quiet.

Oops, Nevea is headed up and out. Gotta go.

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