Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Weirdness in the World of Blogs

I don't know what it is about Mondays, but my inbox is filled with weird stuff this morning. My favorite is The Wastrel Show, who takes great pleasure in saying that even millionaires are feeling the pinch: (Look for the May 9 post)

Of course, unlike her siblings (and dad, and grandfather), she's only a single-digit millionaire.

Poor girl.

Hey lady, most of us never were in the first place! My farmer parents, who counted themselves lucky many years just to break even, would find this more than a little amusing. That is, if they read blogs or use mom is convinced that using the computer is just asking for all sorts of viruses to enter her life. And Dad refuses to use the computer -- period. Although he is more than happy to talk about stuff I discover on it.

Normally, she has interesting things to say, so I can generally put aside her occasional smug comment. And she DOES go on in this post to explain how she wasted her share of money, lived badly, etc. etc. Her sister had to close the family factory -- tough on the family, but I keep thinking about the people who lost their jobs, as a result. Their stories are no doubt rougher than sister having to cut her manicure appointments to economize.

Maybe I am just in a cynical mood this morning. Maybe not. But really. Give me a break.

If life is just too cheerful for you, make sure it's raining, put sad songs on the stereo (Snoopy-style), grab a mug of tea, and visit this blog:

The poor woman either blames herself or someone else for every sad and horrible thing that's ever happened to her. (Tip from the blog: make things easy for you-- blame something or someone that happened decades ago for your current actions. Works like a charm.) She admits she has some chemical issues, and she sees a therapist. But somehow I don't think either of these are doing that much good, in spite of a very strange (and lyric) rhapsody on the thrilling relationship she has with her "pink buddy," lithium.

Now I'm off to get some deadlines finished off, then go plant some perennials in the sunshine. (Perhaps I should ask my sad blogger friend to join me -- the sun will do her good.) Just in time for it to snow tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I find it amazing how people just read what they want to hear. Let me reiterate:
my father was an immigrant, abandoned here in America by his parents at the age of 16. He was uneducated BUT he made himself a multimillionaire as an inventor. He ran a neighborhood sweatshop: no heat in winter, no air conditioning, despite all of us working the line in front of injection molding machines. Know what those are?
My mother died of cancer from the plastic fumes at the age of 58.
My sister, who gave up her own life, to work the factory when my dad died, despite her putting in tens of thousands of her own money couldn't keep the 65 year old factory alive because of the oil prices (plastic is made from oil)the state mandatory minimum wage of $7.15 an hour and the competition from cheepo China.
She doesn't get manicures anywhere. She went broke trying to keep the neighborhood employees employed.
My brother, an eye surgeon, couldn't afford to pay the state mandated malpractice insurance, because of all the lawsuits people like you levy against doctors. So, he too had to close his office and lay of 20+ more people. Are you happy now?
Don't worry sweetie. Once the democrats get into office they'll be taking from the hard working rich and giving it to the poor and everyone can be mediocre. All of us will have no class.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy. My grandmother quilted so I'm always glad when I come across someone keeping the tradition going, and the fact you've made a career out of it with the book and the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is fantastic. You seem like someone people could learn from, and I love the photo of you on the Brickworks site.

All of which makes it surprising to me that you'd mock my friends blog. My friend Thordora uses her blog (vomitcomit.wordpress) as a recovery tool from years of abuse and mental illness. A recovery blog needs to be as open and honest as possible in order for it to work. It means the blog becomes more important than the individual posts, whereas on an instructional or diary blog like yours each post can stand alone. So you can imagine how frustrating it can be when people swoop in, read a post or two and insult her either on her blog or somewhere else.

What you've done by attacking her blog, even doing it here on your blog, is called "trolling"... if you Google 'Internet troll' you can get the definition. If this is something you plan to do in the future, and really it's beneath you, people who are a lot more spiteful than myself could come back here and leave very nasty comments.

In fact, as a reporter who spent many years covering Internet privacy issues, I think it's very important for you to understand how attacking other people, even just mocking them or insulting them, could provoke someone into writing things about yourself, your book, your business or your blog.

Honesty Cindy, attacking other blogs is a surprising turn for you. From what I've seen of this blog and your other websites you're usually very levelheaded and reasonable, and on blogs which write about you and your book you are always characterized as being educated and an important figure in the quilting community.

Hopefully this post was the anomaly but still, I really think you owe my friend an apology.


Anonymous said...

you are an absolute cunt, do you know that? how dare you??
yeah, i'm the less than sensitive type.
god forbid any member of your 'family' or friends or anyone you know struggle with mental illness of any kind.
but then again, you wouldn't acknowledge it if they were.
p.s. fuck you.

Crista said...

wow... Cindy Brick... not very good karma you're collecting. Remember, what goes around comes around... Hope no one you love gets abused, but I would certainly love to see how you cope with such a thing.

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