Friday, May 23, 2008

Packing for Brazil

Only a few days left until our trip...take a look at the May 13 post, or visit:

We're only allowed to carry a personal bag 12 pounds or less. (Another bag is a possibility at 12 pounds also -- 24 pounds total.) Why then am I dithering about what to bring?

Because that 24 pounds is what's going to see me through for the next two-plus weeks.

Fortunately, we don't have to worry about cold or snow. (!!!) The tropics will require only a light shirt for a jacket, and a light cover in the hammock. We do get to bring all sorts of sunscreen and bug drug. (Oh goody. I so enjoy being soaked in insecticide.) Let's see. Extra batteries for the camera. Bills paid, letters sent. Candy packed for the Brazilian kids. (I wonder how they'll enjoy the gummy hamburgers, hotdogs, 'sour' fries and coke bottles I found!)

The clothes are laid out, ready to sort and pack. Dave's enjoyably started his favorite thing about an upcoming trip: The List. But I have a million small things to take care of before the backpack gets stuffed. Better get to it.

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