Wednesday, June 25, 2008


*Why is it that paperwork takes three or four times longer than you figured?

*It's been in the 90s today...and I had to run several errands in Denver as well, which meant being in traffic. Heavy traffic. In the heat. Dave calls this "sitting down and just letting the breath run out of your body!"

*Why does your refrigerator automatically shrink when you have plenty of stuff to put in it? Next week is a Spanish Vacation Bible School for Creekside Bible in Castle Rock...and yours truly is providing snacks, lunches and a few other niceties here and there for the Ravah team that is coming to help us put it on --

One of Ravah's staff, Enrique, was on the Brazil trip...and we became friends. It will be a pleasure to see him again, and meet his family.
And if you're interested in the goings-on of Creekside, head here:

Also, people from the Brazil trip are starting to load their photos! You can see what Brazil...and the Amazon...and the villages...and the people looked like from our point of view at:

Check in later during coming weeks -- there will be more photos appearing. I'm sure of that.

In the meantime, I just peeled 25 pounds of carrots...and have 15 pounds of celery to go.

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