Sunday, June 22, 2008

Valerie Hearder's Quilts Have Been FOUND!!

Valerie Hearder, a Canadian teacher from Nova Scotia who makes lovely, lovely landscape quilts -- not to mention her African series, oh yes, and those graphic primary-shaded geometrics, and --

A week or so ago, Val experienced every quilt teacher's worst nightmare: two suitcases of her quilts were stolen out of her locked car trunk while she was at the Quilt Canada conference in St. John, Newfoundland.

Valerie reported the thefts, publicized them online, and bravely kept on with her life.

Little more than a week later, her quilts have been found!

On Friday, June 20, a 'young man' called the local tv station to say he'd noticed two garbage bags of quilts, abandoned on a local footpath in the town where Valerie had been teaching. The quilts have been recovered. They are apparently all there -- and undamaged.

Read it here for yourselves...

WHEW!!! Hooray, Valerie!!!

And take a minute to visit her website, , and admire those beautiful pieces...

There are still quilts out there that are lost, stolen and misplaced. You can read more about them at the Lost Quilt Come Home page: . One quilt and wearables designer who is still waiting (and hoping) is Meryl Ann Butler, who had a suitcase of 10 incredible pieces, plus hundreds of labeled slides, stolen in 2001:
Photos and sketches on the page show the missing pieces. Take a look; maybe you can be the one who will help Meryl Ann recover her missing treasures.

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