Monday, July 21, 2008

Being Frugal is answering questions I posed a few weeks ago:

What are your favorite frugal comfort foods? Do they stay the same in summer and winter?

Second question. What holiday foods are important to your family — are they frugal too, or do you scrimp to include them?

Take a look at her response...and the others:

Apparently most of us are fond of carbs when we think comfort! Stuffing...potatoes...

and of course, ice cream and chocolate.

Hey, I can relate. Here's how I would answer my own questions...

My frugal comfort foods -- carb city, as well! I love mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fries, hash browns...fried onions, too.

Others: herring pieces in sour cream (a passion friend Constance shares), Really Good beer bratwurst (Johnsonville brand, for example). A Chicago-style hot dog, complete with sauerkraut, that weird green relish and a pepper. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with nuts. Big crunchy garlic dill pickles. Real butter. Potato soup. Homemade beef stew. Hot coffee -- fresh-ground from beans, fresh-brewed.

These (except for the pickles and hot dogs) are primarily winter pleasures... for summer, I crave cucumbers, green peppers, fresh tomatoes. Peaches -- from the orchard, not those hard-rock versions from Safeway or King Soopers that rot faster than they ripen. Rocky Ford melon, the best in the world. A frosty glass of iced tea. Homemade ice cream...plentiful in my childhood, scarcer than hen's teeth, now that I have to make it myself!


Our holiday frugal foods? Chocolate and ground-hazelnut Sachertorte at Christmas. (Really not that expensive, though it takes a lot of time to make it.) Christmas cake, after a version by Tasha Tudor, with maraschino cherries instead of preserved fruit. (You'll find recipes for these in my postings from last year.)

Turkey and stuffing -- extra veggies in the stuffing, nice and crunchy.

Hoppin' John -- black-eyed peas with ham bits, spicy with hot sauce. A must for New Year's, for good luck!

Pecan pie, for Husband's southern roots. Green beans, cooked slow and easy with bits of onion and bacon.

Sugar cookies, with cinnamon hots, chocolate chips. Seven-layer cookies.

Now I'm drooling.
What are your favorites?

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