Monday, July 7, 2008

Revisiting Food Stamps

Cashmoneylife has another look at the recent tv report on food stamps:

Be sure to read the comments -- they're the real teller here. Most people are struggling between compassion and frustration: compassion for people in hard times, and frustration that those people, at least most of them, are not using the help offered wisely.

What do you think?

Also, you'll want to see Simple Dollar's take on living on the knife edge -- it's fascinating.

My mom, while pregnant with me, lived in a Navy seaside town with a husband who drank and fooled away his pay. (No, this man was and is not my beloved farmer dad.) Mom had nothing to exist on but what she could scrounge. Collecting pop cans was her mainstay, but she had many a meal of 'hot tomato soup' with hot water, ketchup packets and the saltines she could get at a nearby restaurant.

If you have to do something -- you do it.

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