Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Lovely Monday Morning...

Dave and I went camping last week, accompanied by Daughter #1 -- including a Thursday night concert in Snowmass of Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks! He has the wackiest mix of jazz and bluegrass and New Orleans soul...loved it.

We saw the Maroon Bells, trudged up to Marble's quarry, and soaked in the hot springs at Glenwood. Lovely. Got home Sunday evening, scrubbed off the mineral water, went to bed...

This morning, over the first cup of coffee, I get a call -- both the Brickworks and Classy Girl websites have been hacked.


And of course my webmaster is out of town, working at a Boy Scout campout all week.

Double sigh.

Hopefully he can fix it seems to have been hacked on the top info layer only. So I wait -- and sweat.

Back to washing sleeping bags, doing the dishes and making the bed. At least I can do SOMETHING about those things!

More shortly...

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