Sunday, August 17, 2008


This is now the third weekend I've spent doing a quilting/appraisal gig. Today I spent the afternoon at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, showing curious people how to 'Hanky Panky,' and do the 'Light Speed' method in my CRAZY QUILTS book.

It went better than yesterday -- we've had three days of rain in a row, downright amazing for Colorado, and basically everyone stayed home. I felt like some kind of "creeper" (my girlies' name for a stalker who has designs on you)..."psst. Hey, over here! Wanna learn some Hanky Panky?" (And no, I didn't wear a trenchcoat.)

One more weekend to go --this one at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. I'm sure it will be fine...but I am really, really missing the relaxing Sunday afternoons I used to know.

Plus the nap.

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