Friday, August 29, 2008

Go Buffs! Elk Steak and a Roof Update

College football season is almost here...ooh, I can feel it. Ralphie the Buffalo is practicing tearing across the stadium, trainers hanging futilely off her wake... pompoms are crashing, players are smashing. We watch the University of Colorado Buffaloes games -- as well as Michigan's Wolverines. Both are our alma maters. Dave's for the former, but Daughter #1 goes there, too -- both Dave and yours truly for the latter. Boy, I love college ball. It's cool, brisk -- and unlike pro ball, you never know what will happen. Championships and games' outcomes have revolved around one pass, one penalty, one well-placed kick. The drama -- the excitement!

And the heartburn.

The Buffs play their arch rivals, Colorado State, on Sunday. GO BUFFS!!!!! And if you're in the West, take a gander at the beginning of the game. That first run of Ralphie's is a stitch.

Tonight's supper is braised elk tenderloin with onions. I almost can't cook it...elk is one of the tastiest, leanest meats out there, and this is one of the very few packages we have left. Dave didn't get any animals last year, and he's going with me to Quilter's Gathering this fall, instead of doing Colorado's 'third season.' A pot of antelope chili after piling wood on a snowy day... elk swiss steak, bubbling in mushroom gravy...these will just be tasty memories soon.

And the Roof update? The west side of the garage roof is BARE!!! Maybe it's that we're starting to know what we're doing...maybe it's just sheer dumb luck. But we took off a third of the roof shingles in just a few hours on the west side early this morning.

Tonight starts the east side. Then hopefully this weekend: the house!

P.S. In case you're wondering...Ralphie is a girl. Always has been.

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