Saturday, August 9, 2008

Electricity...and Another Birthday

I'm back! Have been appraising in Cheyenne, WY for the past two days at the Cheyenne Heritage Quilters Guild show there. Whoa, it was fun...and I met (and re-met) some of the nicest people in the country this weekend.

The guild had an interesting dilemma -- a flash flood earlier in the week took out the Civic Center's electricity. So they were getting it literally from large extensions connected to the building next door! Weird...but it worked, in spite of having to ask permission every time you used an outlet for something. The guild actually had to hang the quilts in the dark, though there was (mostly minimal) light to see the quilts by during the actual show.

Wow. Now that's dedication!

I fought my way home tonight through a crowd of bikers heading home from Sturgis, and another crowd pulling speedboats, campers, etc. etc. An accident and five miles of construction made the trip especially fun.

Tomorrow we head to a Rockies game...with the girlies.


Happy Belated Birthday, Jess! You, my darling, will always be my 'first girlie,' 22-year-old that you are...and I love you.

Happy Birthday!

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