Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Invisible Quilt?

I am fascinated by one of science's newest goals: to perfect a cloak that literally shields the viewer from being noticed. Visually, that is. Our human eyes view images, based on the light rays that bounce off those things. With this invention, the light would literally flow around the viewee, much as water just keeps going past a rock or pebble -- keeping it from being viewed clearly. (Though in this case, the item would literally 'disappear' from view under the flow.)

Monty Python's "How Not to Be Seen" people would be proud.

Here's the latest on the subject:


Scientists already worked out how to shield thin two-dimensional objects...now they're on the way to finishing off three-dimensional ones!

Obviously, the U.S. government is very, very interested in this 'invisible cloak,' for military reasons. But the quilter in me keeps thinking what a cool idea it would be to use this fabric in a quilt! (Sort of a 'holes' effect.)

Wonder if they'll have any scraps left over?

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