Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More on the whole food stamps brouhaha, this time from Tight Fisted Miser, who actually was on food stamps for three months:


don't miss his followup, either -- and the comments are just as interesting as his post:


Although we qualified, income-wise, for food stamps a year or two when Dave was sick, we never applied. (Share Colorado, being frugal and growing a garden got us through, instead.) The girlies did qualify for reduced-price lunches, but they didn't like to use those much, either...

Guess we come from a proud family that doesn't take advantage of this Unless We Absolutely Have To. (I'm seeing similar patterns now in the girlies, even when they're extremely short of money.)

P.S. Share Colorado is a wonderful program that lets you purchase a package of meats, veggies and fruit for an extremely reasonable price, especially in wintertime when fresh stuff is prohibitive. You can find out more about it here -- http://www.sharecolorado.com

Share Colorado serves not only CO, but Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming. I am certain that other states have similar programs.

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