Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Own Bigfoot Story

It's a glorious sunny day, and the flower garden is blooming like mad...but this indefinable hint is in the air. A slight edge to the wind... fall is definitely coming.

I can't wait!

We have a roof to re-do, both on the garage and the house. At least it won't be sweltering while we're starting, sometime this weekend. I'll have a chance to watch fall sweep across the valley and curl about the buttes while we're up high(er).

And to do this job, we got something I've always wanted -- a nail gun!

Bigfoot Watch:

I have never personally seen the Big Fellow (darn) although I've heard some strange calls late at night a few times. (BF has been spotted less than ten miles from us, however. More on this in a bit.)

I did, however, have a strange experience with one of his admirers. Some years ago, I was teaching a class in Stevenson, WA, an area very familiar with BF sightings. To relax the class, I started teasing that we couldn't start until BF got there.

"Oh, he's not here right now." This, very matter-of-factly by a lady in the front row.

"What?" (me, looking slightly confused)

"The hunters are here right now. He'll be back after they leave."
(using the same tone as for a neighbor on vacation)


I found out later that my commenter's husband was a sheriff who patrolled the area. Did he see BF while out on his rounds? Was BF a regular in their backyard?

I'll never know -- the lady refused to say anything else. But her comments made it clear; Bigfoot was neither unfamiliar nor frightening.


A road heads up through nearby Sedalia toward the mountains, and it's along this that Bigfoot has been most spotted. (At least, that's where the reports have come from.) One of Dave's bus driving buddies told me the following story:

She had just done the morning's run, and was headed back down the mountain. The road is lined with a series of gullies and ditches, and she noticed what she described as a "hunter in a long fur coat" crouched down in one of these ditches. Several things flashed through her mind --

*why was there a hunter out this early, anyways? It wasn't hunting season.
*why was he even wearing a fur coat? (Camouflage clothing and day-glo vests are standard procedure for hunters here in Colorado.)
*why did the fur coat cover him all over?
*who was he hiding from? (He was making obvious efforts not to be seen.)

and -- this guy was BIG.

When she came back through later in the morning, the "hunter" was gone.


Yes, we're on this road, on occasion. (In fact, we had supper Sunday night with friends who live just off it. No, they haven't seen anything of Our Friend.) Someday, I'm hoping, we'll watch something dash across...or move stealthily by the side of the road. Or...

Until then, I wait. And hope.

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