Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh, the Indignity of It All...

I have a shameful confession to make:

Candy cigarettes? I love 'em.

Maybe it was the secret naughtiness. If I held them just right, someone might think I was actually SMOKING!

Maybe that almost-gum, almost-chalk texture.

Maybe the joy of biting off the 'filter,' then chomping through the 'tobacco' while your teeth turned pink.

They're not too popular today -- in fact, Amazon tends to offer them at discount prices, compared to other candies. But they were a favorite of mine as a kid. (And no, I didn't then, nor do I now smoke.)

Joe Posnaski fanned out on his childhood pleasures -- and whether they tasted the same today:


'Ol Joe isn't too big on candy cigarettes...but what can I say. Are they still just as good today? I haven't tasted one since I was 12. Maybe I should order a pack (or two) and find out.

Other foods I loved as a kid, but feel kind of weird about today:
*Laughy Taffy -- that stuff can take out a filling in no time flat. Slo-Pokes, same. (In fact, we used to eat both when we had a loose tooth that needed redeeming by the Tooth Fairy.)
*Necco Wafers -- the website says this is the oldest American candy, produced continuously since 1847 (wow!) What can I say -- they still taste gritty. Ditto for those Pepto-Bismol pink candy wafers my grandma's next door neighbor doled out.
*Jawbreakers -- the whole concept is kinda scary. After all, they nearly broke a tooth or two!
*Licorice ropes -- you got a lot for your money...who cared then how they tasted.
*Chocolate-covered peanuts -- this was my mom's favorite present when she came home from the Big City (Grand Rapids, MI). Somehow today, the chocolate tastes 'fake.' Maybe my taste for dark chocolate did it? (and the bridge mix is WAYYYY too sweet.)

But some kids' foods are still beloved, like Baby Ruths, Mounds bars, York Peppermint Patties and my hands-down favorite: Bazooka bubble gum. (sigh) Nothing like one of these and a hot cup of coffee on a dreary, gloomy afternoon. (Yes, even the gum!)

What's your favorite childhood candy? Do you still like it today?

Tell me...and you'll be eligible for a free dozen ribbon roses -- winner drawn Sept. 5!

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From the "It Figures" Department:
(and the book Billion Dollar Lessons: What You Can Learn From the Most Inexcusable Business Failures of the Last 25 Years [Portfolio])

According to Paul B. Carroll and Chunka Mui, the authors, 75% of post-WWI mail pilots died in air crashes while they were doing their job. The mortality rate eased considerably when the Postal Service required supervisors to ride along with the same employees they ordered to fly during bad weather!

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Roof update, Day #2: Half of garage roof in absolute shambles; most of the shingles off, with bare wood showing. Unfortunately, whoever built the garage in the 1960s cheated, and cobbled together thinner planks, as well as some with large holes, for the topmost beams. Then they just papered (and shingled) over the gaping holes and crappy wood.

Thanks to these wonderful craftsmen, we get to stop and replace some beams! Dave will do that tonight, while I keep at the shingles. Great for destructive tendencies.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Cindy, by now you know I am a regular reader... ;-) Maybe it is our Grand Rapids area connection, maybe it is my admiration for your knowledge/love of crazy quilts, and maybe I just like how down to earth and real life your posts are...but anyway, I do love to comment here and hope you don't mind my continued appearances...

Favorite candy....my first paying job was for $1.15/hour at the D&C 5 and 10 cent store at my nearby shopping center. I was hired to be the "cute" (?) 15 year old behind-the-counter salesgal to whom the kids would direct: "Tell me when I get to a quarter.." and I would fill up their little white paper bags from the bins under the glass counter between us, mentally adding in my head. I got to weigh out the candy by the pound stuff, too... esp. I loved the "sea foam".

Anyway, I would have to say my favorite candy for sheer nonsensical reasons was the wax candy lips that you could wear like a mouth guard....and then chew them up and destroy them...they cost a whole nickel...

Bazooka bubblegum, eh? But those comics! They were so weird!!!

Stephanie said...

My favorite candy were Now and Laters. I still love them, but I can't eat too many at once.


seesawstar said...

My favorite candy as a kid were gummy eggs and gummy coke bottles. There's tons of knock-offs these days, so it's hard to find the originals that I like.

Cindy Brick said...

Thanks guys, for your candy nominations! And Allison, write whenever you want...I love to hear from you. (It was cinnamon hots out of those glass counter bins that did it for me...)

Stephanie said...

Being a kid wasn't that many years ago . . . well, okay, maybe a few more than I remember . . . but I seem to have blocked out those memories. Maybe because I can't have them now, or know that I shouldn't. Some of my oldests loves though are twizzlers (strawberry flavored), those white jaw breakers that lasted days, and Whoppers.

bluechicken523 at hotmail dot com

LouAnne said...

Hey There Cindy! It's me again! Couldn't resist commenting - oh so memories brought up when you say "penny candy". I suspect, being older than most, my memories might be a little unique. I recall gathering pennies found and given and saving them for Saturday's trip to the corner grocery store a block and a half away, which seemed SO far! Trips to the store had to wait until the afternoon because the morning was filled with waiting for the IceMan who would let us ride in the back of his horse-drawn wagon the length of our block and we could eat all the ice chips we found on the wagon floor! My list of choices at the penny candy counter in those days would include:
-Candy Lipstick
-Candy necklace
-Rootbeer Barrels
-NIK-L-NIP (syrup filled wax bottles)
-Marshmallow cones (top fav!)
-Candy buttons (Started collecting buttons early, see?)
-Licorice pipe (black-Yum;red-Yuk!)

When I got a little older I discovered Sen-Sen!

If you would like to see what any of these candys are go to http://www.oldtimecandy.com/index.html


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