Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking A Mental Rest

...try Kathy's blog:

She is serene and graceful, even in the middle of what obviously can be a hectic life. Her decorations and crafts have a certain quality about them -- and you can buy her work via etsy, as well. (Take a look on her blog's sidebar.)

I'm getting ideas already.

I even went and looked up her December posts -- hey, still on the Christmas thing -- including a wonderful photo of white feather trees surrounded by drifts of white and mother-of-pearl buttons. Beautiful in a dainty, frosty way.

What a relaxing break, even while I'm sweating through these two quilts I'm finishing up restoring. I stitch and stitch and STITCH, through 'Cold Case,' 'Law and Order' and umpteen hours of the Olympics. Someday very soon, I hope to send them on their way. They need to go, for both the client's sake (who has been very patient) -- and mine.

If these quilts don't leave, there may be someone running down the street, screaming and throwing needles and fabric bits everywhere....while she hums Christmas carols!

1 comment:

Allison Ann Aller said...

Well Cindy, it WOULD be kind of fun to see you careening crazily down the street flinging your stitching things...but I hope it doesn't go that far.
Hope you'll have some pics up from this coming week-end...

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