Monday, August 11, 2008

Thinking Christmas

Probably because it's been so hot in recent memory, I've thought more about the holidays...somehow, reading Christmas stories or watching a movie makes it seem cooler around here.

Obviously, I'm not the only one:

There are some great ideas here, especially in the comments -- it may help you save some money, too!

Yesterday was a trudge in endurance -- get up early for worship team practice (after I'd just gotten home the evening before from Cheyenne), do a full morning of services at church. (Including two different sets of music) Rush out of church -- run home and get the lunch (and birthday cake) I'd made the night before (post-Cheyenne), as well as the presents (ditto).

Go to Rockies ballgame. (Unfortunately, the Padres stomped 'em 15-7. Our beloved Rocks are not doing so well right now.) Stay for a Steven Curtis Chapman concert post-game...then take Jess and her sister out for supper to celebrate Jess's birthday this weekend.

But wait! We're not done yet. Drive to Boulder (about 30 min.) to help Jess move. Go up and down two flights of stairs, plus a long trudge across the building -- load after load until the Jeep is filled. Do this twice, now sweat-soaked shirt clinging to you with each step.

Now drag Jess's bedsprings and mattress down same, load them on the Jeep top, and everybody takes a corner for the ride to the new place. (By this time, it's raining.) Drag them down, carry inside. Look at the clock -- it's midnight.

Drive Jess back to her old place...then Angel has to go home to Nederland (45 min. drive) Drop Angel off just before 1:00 a.m. Guess what? Now you get to go home!

We finally made it back about 2:30 a.m., Dave driving all the way, and me talking about ANYTHING to keep him awake. Fell into bed.

Today, the achiness and fatigue that's pestered us both all weekend seems to be developing into something. I can't seem to get warm, and stuff went hazy and gray during an afternoon out with a friend this afternoon. In the low 90s again, but it doesn't seem to matter -- I get chills, anyways. Dave is right behind me.

I'll get to bed earlier tonight, thankfully. Who knows -- maybe it's a 24-hour bug.

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