Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Just a few hours before leaving for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival...

Sourdough bread is baking in the oven. (Lots of pb & js for Dave while he starts The Roof...and suffers through food this weekend. The man hates to cook.)

Dishes piled in the sink.

Piles here and there, waiting for stuffing into bins.

The garden needs watering. The dogs need feeding. And all I can think of is --

The dingbats who tried the Georgia Bigfoot business now say "It was all a big joke."

"Now the two Georgia men admit that the hairy, icy blob was an Internet-purchased Sasquatch costume stuffed with possum roadkill and slaughterhouse leftovers."

Great. Now I have a mental image I never wanted in the first place...

To top things off, one of the men (a policeman) lost his job. His boss said that now he'd got caught in a lie nationally, DAs could always question his penchant for the truth.

Frugal-for-Life explains that free things should still have a value -- or they're not worth it.

I have a habit of grabbing things just because they're there for the taking -- then they take up space. A good reminder, this!

The head mommy at Frugal Hacks has a fascinating take on hard times -- don't miss her memory of 'popcorn parties:'

Get a free sample of Cascade dishwashing detergent, plus (the best part!) a Mr. Clean eraser sample:

I've heard great great things about the I can find out for free!

And one of the funniest "Whose Line Is It Anyways" schticks I've ever seen. (Warning: it's rude!)

Bread's done. Time to finish packing. Off to work...

Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Sunday.

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