Friday, September 26, 2008

How Do I Know Fall's On Its Way?

*Trees down in the Flatlands are changing now. (The mountains got started weeks ago.)

*Hummingbirds are gone...two weeks later than usual. (They normally take off right around Labor Day.)

*Air, even when the sun in shining, has a bit of a chilly nip.

*Suddenly I have an interest in cooking -- mostly soups and stews. Is this the "nest-maker" kicking in?

*Snuggle afghans and pillows are back out and in use. Ditto the fireplace.

*Roof is progressing! We're going to push ourselves this weekend...Daughters #1 and #2, as well as Daughter #2's boyfriend, are set to help out this weekend, too. Then next week, we're hiring someone to come finish off...whew.

What do you look for as signs that fall is near -- or here?

1 comment:

LouAnne said...

Nights are chillier; no need to turn the whole house fan on in the morning to cool down the house. Neighbor's tree (fruitless mulberry) which gives us such wonderful patio shade in the summer becomes a daily nuisance as it begins to lose it's millions of huge leaves. Daily sweeping is necessary now for the next 3 mos!

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