Friday, September 12, 2008

I spent most of today just being with Mom and Dad -- watching 'Ice Road Truckers' (our mutual fix), cowboy movies...and just trying to let Dad know I loved him. Quietly.

Tomorrow will be mostly on the roof...the skies finally cleared up this evening, and it's supposed to be a nice weekend.

So, in the meantime, check out this interesting thread:

And this longer answer to the same question:

I'll tell you my opinion shortly. What's yours?

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sweetbabies00 said...

It's funny, my parents didn't involve me with savings at all. I had an allowance and I got a extra check for working in the summer for their business. But, I spent everything, and still do. It probably doesn't help much that I have 5 kids now. But I remember my Daddy telling me, Angie honey, your money talks to you, it says "bye bye". That's why my husband takes, I mean, I give my husband my paychecks. I try and get my kids involved in making decisions with money and they seem to be getting it. I do want to raise such wonderful young men and women. I think all I thought about was earning and spending. And it some extent I still do. Thanks for getting me to think about this subject.

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