Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Will Survive

(with apologies to Gloria Gaynor: )

It's been hours, lying in bed, going through the List of Things That Need to Get Done Right Now:

*clean the house (it's deplorable, after weeks spent on the roof -- piles everywhere)

*put away the quilts and other flotsam and jetsam from the last gig (see piles remark above)

*other biz stuff. (Staffers help with this -- but they've been off most of this week, so we're behind. I thought we'd be slow right now. Why in the world did I ok their time off? They've been cutting fat quarters most of the week, making kits for Quilter's Gathering, my November gig. Why didn't I insist they take care of The Other Stuff first?)

*finish those quilts in the process of has just a few blocks to go. (Why can't I get them DONE and GONE?! What is the matter with me?)

*the roof. Yes, the roof. The garage is still not shingled. Dave found yet another problem with the drip edge (which he fixed), but it means that shingling still has not started. It's getting colder -- how much time do we have left before it snows? (In the meantime, I'm still playing Destructor on House Roof Part #1.)

*50th birthday. Only a week or so to go. How in the world am I going to handle things From Now On if I can't seem to get my act together Right Now?? I'm older Than I Was (whatever the heck that means). Fatter. (Actually, Self reminds, I'm getting thinner...a positive result from all this roofing business.) Grayer. What's next?

Sigh. Turn over, snuggle next to Husband and try not to think about my hands aching. (What's that? A shoulder twinge? Good God, have I wrecked my shoulder now in this roofing business?) Boy oh boy oh boy. Christmas...what in the world am I going to do about the holidays? (Why this is bothering me now, I have no idea.) The refrigerator needs cleaning. The inventory shelves for the biz are a mess...and don't forget, those quilts still need to be put away, and a few contracts signed. Peaches -- can we eat up this box before the parents arrive from Michigan today...with three bushels more?

This needs to be updated, taken care of before it goes bad. That needs to be scrubbed and tidied up. Every to-do pile, mental or otherwise, threatens to topple over and smother me. Sigh again. Curl up against Warm Husband, who is blissfully snoring away. How in the world am I going to Get Through This?

Finally I gave up, got up...and saw this post for AOL:

A dad and his autistic son, swept out to sea. (Son got caught up in a tide, and dad tried to rescue him.) Both retrieved, in spite of spending hours adrift in icy water.

Others, falling off cliffs, down chimneys, trapped under buildings, who survive:

Our roofs may be patchwork, but we've still got them -- and each other. Our family is together, and we love each other. Our health is good -- bills are paid -- we're hanging in there.

God hasn't stopped loving us, or caring. (He cares about YOU too, by the way, in case you're also up and sleepless, wondering what you're going to do.)

So what am I worrying about?

I'll plan yet another list -- this of First Things First. Another list, for staff at Brickworks. Have a fresh peach....juice runs down my chin. They are so sweet this time of year, and Colorado's Western Slope has terrific ones, in spite of the drought.

Make up the guest bedroom with fresh sheets and flowers for the folks, who are arriving here from Michigan sometime this afternoon. (Also practice apologies for the piles, which my mom is bound to comment on.) Enough milk for breakfast -- get more later. Piano lessons this afternoon. No, put those aside for now -- I'll worry about them later.

Back to bed and warm Husband. I'll survive this too, God willing.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Cindy, at tossing and turning times like this, after talking it all over with God, I reach for a good novel and some melatonin.
Your list is all terrific stuff, indicative of a stimulating life!

Have a great visit with your folks, you Type A person, you.

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