Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grasshopper Season...Or Is It Ant, Instead?

Kelly at Almost Frugal had an interesting post yesterday on 'aha' the comments too:

My own 'What Do You Do' is more prosaic. What do you do when there are several different things to do...but you don't know which to start first? I don't mind saying that if I REALLY don't want to do any of them -- like cleaning the toilet, putting away stuff, vacuuming -- I'll force myself to do one job, but for only 15 minutes. Then I give myself permission to do something more enjoyable for 30 min.-- like ironing, watching Judge Judy (what a feisty thing!), putting the bead boxes back in order, stacking fat quarters, that sort of thing. Then back to the Yucky Job. Do this two or three times -- and the Yuck is done!

I spent some happy moments down in the storage room, putting the shelves back in order and making space for the folks' special gift: dozens of quart jars of home-canned tomatoes. There's nothing like popping open one of these on a snowy day, for chili or's almost as if the summertime air drifts out with the aroma of tomato. Seeing the jars neatly stacked, along with cans of veggies, soup, stew, I felt like a millionaire. Or maybe an ant -- let the local grasshoppers beware!

A bushel of peaches went into the freezer -- wash 'em and pack into plastic bags, store flat in the freezer. That's it! If you only let them defrost for a few minutes, then run under warm water, the peach skins will slip right off. Then the still-frozen fruit is perfect for slicing into smoothies, peach crisp or onto ice cream. (Warning: do NOT let them defrost completely...all you'll have is mush.)

We're set. Now if we can get the roof done, too...

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LouAnne said...

Cindy: I knew we had a lot in common, but didn't know how much. My dh adopted my 5 yr old daughter when we married. It was his idea and she was already calling him "Daddy". She turned 46 on Wednesday of this week and there's never been a difference in the way he treated her over the 2 daughters we had together after we married, even though she tried hard to try our patience many a time in her own unique way!

I envy you your larder. Peaches - oh num. Come this winter those are going to be SO nummy on your Cheerios! hugs,LouAnne

Kelly from Almost Frugal said...

Thanks for the mention. I try to 'reward' myself with pleasurable activities too... although that still doesn't help me sit down and do my budget!

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