Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday's Bits and Pieces...and a Dilemma

Have you seen Saturday Night Live's version of Sarah vs Hillary?

(smothered laughter here)

I ache. All over. Hands. Bod. Spent the weekend on the roof, pretty much...made some progress on the house, and one side of the garage is almost done with shingling. Husband and I had a long talk last night -- when he admitted he wanted to finish this job before the snow flew, he finally said, "Guess I should call Ken -- (the local handyman specialist) and see if he can help."

It means more $$ spent...but I would enjoy not having aching hands all the time.

Husband's uncle died this morning -- funeral's in Trenton, MO on Thursday. I loved Uncle Bill just as much as Dave did -- he was a cantankerous, opinionated guy, but treated us both with much love. (And he was Dave's mom's little brother...which means even more now that Mom has been gone for more than three years.)

My folks are still visiting here, planning to stay through next Monday. (My 50th b-day is a week away.) My dad's health has stabilized some, but any extra effort causes him pain, and his face goes gray. (I dread his having to make the trip back to Michigan.) We planned to do more work on the roof this week...and Husband was going to a men's retreat this weekend. Well, ha. So much for that.

One of us has to go -- no matter what. Husband definitely should. I want to, as well. But what about my folks? They say go -- they'll stay and take care of the dogs. I don't think this is right. Do we boot them out early? Do I just not celebrate a birthday this year? (Not that I would mind it that much...) What about the roof? The business stuff that needs to get done?

Do I even have a brain to think with?

Stay tuned...

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Kathie said...

I think your husband should go and you stay home with your parents.
How much longer will they be able to make the trip to see you?
and celebrate your birthday with you.
consider yourself very lucky to still have them around to do this.
treasure these days with them.
of course this is just mho

LouAnne said...

Cindy: You are truly lucky to still have your folks and be able to have them there. I agree that Dave should go and you should stay. It's these hard choices that make getting "up there" a real challenge. We spent yesterday with friends of G's from high school and some of them are dealing with ailing parents. We've been there; done that, but wish we still had their company. Especially at birthday times; I really miss my parents and G's mum, my cq mentor as well.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you! I too am celebrating a birthday this week and could easily say lets forget this one. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right not. Rest up and the decisions will come easier.

Becky said...


You will make the best decision for you and Dave, and once you've made your decision, you need to trust in it.

Consider that your Dad can do this one thing for you - he can stay and take care of your dogs while you go to the funeral. Can you go for a shorter time, not traveling with Dave? That gives you time with your folks and the opportunity to share this time of transition for Dave's side of your combined family.



Tracee said...

Wow, would I love to win this - it would give me the kick in the behind I so desparately need to start doing more crafty thing. Please count me in!

novelnoise at live dot com

Nanci said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway. Crafting is my passion.

Richelle said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway! That sounds like a fun project to do!

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