Monday, September 1, 2008

Roof Roof? Doggone? Get It??

I know. Horrible pun. Spank me very much.

No, I am not going to talk about the roof...maybe just a quick mention.

Tarpaper in the hot sun smells and sticks like...well, tar. And if the wind is blowing, it enjoys wrapping itself around you...and wiggling...and doing anything but laying flat. You must make it obey. You have to be the boss.

One side of the garage sports a lovely cover of black you-know-what. The other has the biggest tarp I have ever seen. That sucker has to be 20' x 30'. Wow!

And we have replaced umpteen rotten boards on the roof of that doggone garage.

Tomorrow or Wednesday -- the house!

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If you like textile history, and enjoy a good mystery, as well, you'll want to take a look at this site:

Kim Wulfert has been studying quilts and fabrics for decades; some of her most recent articles have been about John Hewson, a very early American printer who actually made a George Washington handkerchief -- commissioned by Martha! Hewson is also famous for fabric medallion-style motifs that were often featured in quilts from the period. (We're talking Revolutionary War times, here!)

Kim doesn't just talk about Hewson on her site...but the Underground Railroad...redwork..and all sorts of intriguing ideas. Your mind will be buzzing after you've spent some time with her.

Don't miss it. And Happy Labor Day!

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