Thursday, September 25, 2008


I must be hungry...

My favorite (new) blogs found today are all about cooking.

This one has some of the most delectable-looking photos ever...a real celebration of produce:

But she's also a graceful, meaningful writer. You'll want to visit her.

And this one is just making me drool for Japanese food!

(I rushed over and got out a package of sushi nori to munch on while reading posts -- plus a cup of tea.)

Unfortunately, she stopped posting, once she came home to Australia after teaching in Japan for some years. I wish she'd go back...or at least tell us what she's noshing on now.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The folks got back to Michigan in one piece. Dad insisted on driving much of the way, and paid for it by sleeping in his favorite chair last night, instead of bed. My mom's dizziness has subsided. And now I do not need to explain to my brother that I killed one parent (or the other) by having them come visit us in Colorado. (A definite fear)


We continue on the roof -- but a ray of light is showing. First, both girlies, plus a boyfriend, will be here tomorrow and Saturday to help. And DH has found a guy who'd be willing to finish the roof for us. I told Dave we MUST have done a good amount of the work already, because Mr. Roofer's quote is actually quite reasonable!

My 'roofpan hands' may soon be a thing of the past. One more weekend to go.

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