Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Campaigns don't seem to deal too much in what we think of as true 'facts' -- usually, we seem to get a version or two to puzzle over.

Consider this article on smears made against Barack Obama -- according to this author, much of it is true:


And some of his research does seem to make sense. BUT -- this guy's got his own axe to grind. Take items #8 (whether Obama is a Muslim or not) and #10 (whether he's American-born or not).
*Does having a parent who has practiced the Muslim religion -- and going to services with him as a kid -- make you a Muslim, too? (My children would argue not.) Obama's current place to worship, part of the United Church of Christ denomination, is categorized as some sort of weird Black Power-type thing... hmmm. We've known a number of people who have been thoughtful and faithful Christians, with ties to that denomination. No way.

*Was Obama's birth certificate doctored to show him as born in Hawaii? (His paternal grandmother, according to the article, says he was born in Kenya--a US President has to be American-born.) Wouldn't a 'certificate of live birth' be good enough to disprove this? (I'm not sure why the certificate number would be obscured...why not show it?)

Ironically enough, McCain wasn't born in the United States -- making him technically ineligible -- but in Panama. However, his parents were stationed on the military base in Panama, thus making him eligible. Weird, huh...

I don't know what to think --completely. But I do know I am sick and tired of all the innuendo, nasty, hateful remarks and sly digs. Let's get this election over with.

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