Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall...and the Holidays

About the only things falling around here are leaves and shingles (!!!). But even though I have weeks of prep work, appraising and teaching on my plate before Thanksgiving even shows on the radar....

well, it's nice to think about Christmas, too.

My favorite financial blogger, J.D. Roth at "Get Rich Slowly," has plenty to say on the subject:

Here, too...

As always, the reader comments are often the best of all.

I don't understand chucking Christmas altogether; the holiday of the Lord's birth has too many wonderful moments for that, in spite of all the commercialism. And there is nothing like reading in a chair, snuggled up next to the lit tree, holiday music all around you... going for a walk (or a carol) in the snow... seeing the faces of your family all around, shining in the candlelight... leaving out stockings... going to a concert.

But this year holds all sorts of uncertainties. Daughter #1 is looking for work; Daughter #2's job demands she stay as late as possible before Christmas. Husband has two weeks off, starting around Dec. 19 -- he works for the school district. (Sounds idyllic, right? Bear in mind that other than a few holidays, those days are unpaid.)

My own schedule is pretty open -- other than some last-minute orders, people don't need appraisals or quilt teachers during the holidays. The issue is:

my dad. And mom.

So we'll be heading to Michigan the day after Christmas to spend New Year's with them. It wouldn't matter if gas cost a million dollars a gallon; it looks strongly as if this will be Dad's last Christmas on earth. So we'll go, with Daughter #2. (And I keep hoping Daughter #1 will come, too.)

Hmmm...I just realized that when I think about Christmas for this year, I don't think about presents. It's the time spent together this season that counts. Cancer does that to you.


Anonymous said...

Daughter #1 hasn't totally made up her mind yet, despite evidence to the contrary. Thanks for not being on my case about it, I really appreciate it, and it makes my decision a lot less cut-and-dry.

Cindy Brick said...

Be sure to tell Daughter #1 that her mom loves her very much!

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