Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm here...honest.

It's that keeping all the balls in the air is getting a bit zany at present:

*The r-word (which is slowly progressing)

*Planting. Quickly. Before the ground freezes any more! (Lowe's had a half-price sale on bulbs, and I lucked into perennials at 75% off. Plus 6-packs of pansies and pinks for only 25 cents! They'll come up again in the spring, and renew the flowerbeds, which are looking distinctly shingle-shocked at present.)

*the Business. Getting kits ready for Quilter's Gathering next week (in fact, just plain getting ready! ) The usual orders. Questions. Trying to put stuff back in order.

*the Exhibit. I'm curating a show on California Gold that starts Nov. 4, and goes through Jan. 29 at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum ( ) in Golden, CO. The quilts go up Sunday, but before then, signage has to be finalized and I've got to find that package of CA Gold fabrics I shipped to Quilter's Newsletter.)

*Stuff from the article for QN that just came out (on Crazy quilts).

*Leftover paperwork from the Old Book.

*Research and paperwork for the New Book.

And clean underwear!

Next week is Quilter's Gathering in New Hampshire. Suddenly this week, I realized -- I'm going to give a lecture on political quilts to a roomful of people only 24 hours after they've found the outcome of the national election! Yes, I'd realized this before. (I'm not dumb, just absentminded!) Suddenly, though, it hit me --

Half of the people in the room are probably going to be ticked their favorite candidate and issues didn't win.

The other half are going to be giddy. Sort of.

And who knows what else could happen!

And I'm going to bring up politics -- deliberately?!?

Watch the bloodbath for yourself if you're going to be in the Nashua, NH area...

It's 1:30 a.m....time for a little sleep before the process starts all over again. Good night.

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Mandy said...

Thank you for your blog! It is very real and encouraging at the same time. I have added you to my favorites and will be checking back often.

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