Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keeping on Keeping on

Husband only got one course on tonight, darn it. (That's a 'row,' for all you non-roofer types out there...) But all the bulbs are in the ground, and I only have one stubborn lilac plant to put in. Not bad, considering this was a big piano lesson day...

While I'm still juggling, take a look at Frugal Dad's take on the upcoming election:

He's right, you know.

In spite of all the yelling, screaming and posturing, the world will not promptly be ending right after Nov. 4. It will change, of course -- but then, it would have done that, anyways.

I also would much prefer that the government keeps its collective nose largely to itself...I am not a huge fan of regulation, since the government seems to go overboard in this department, often to the detriment of the program. As Ronald Reagan said, some of the most terrifying words in the English language are, "We're the government, and we're here to help."

I love Frugal Dad's final conclusion:

If you’ve made it this far into the article, I’m sure you are now expecting my official endorsement. Sorry to disappoint, but I believe your vote is a personal matter, and I don’t want to influence your decision. Besides, if you have been reading long and are well-aware of my strong fiscal conservatism, you can probably figure out who I’m voting for. Then again, you probably can’t, because both parties have completely abandoned fiscally conservative ideals.

So my advice to you is to make an informed decision next Tuesday, not one based on the endorsement of your favorite actor, your parents, your pastor, or even your spouse. Part of what makes this country great is the ability to express individual thought–and there is no greater opportunity to do so than next Tuesday. Regardless of what happens, the sun will come up the next morning. Businesses will open. The markets will react. And not much will change about your day-to-day life, as it should be. You are ultimately responsible for your own success, so stop wasting energy worrying over politics, and start taking responsibility for your own happiness.

Amen. Go vote!

Wastrel Show has some strong opinions on Obama -- they're interesting. I'm not 100% sure she's right -- but take a look:

Wastrel wears her voting heart on her sleeve -- Obama is one step right of the devil, according to her, and you have to take that into account. But she's still making some points that need to be considered.

It's nearly 1:30 a.m., and bed beckons. Sometime soon, I hope to be able to sleep at a normal time. (naahhhh....)

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