Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last-Minute Stuff...then Phoenix

I'm headed to Phoenix early tomorrow morning...if you're in the neighborhood, come see me!

I'll be teaching Thursday evening at the guild's regular meeting (patriotic quilts)
taking the day off on Friday...
Then teaching an all-day class on how to date and restore your quilts.

Visit for more information

Roof Update: At least 1/4 of the house roof is now stripped clean; one of our buddies, James, has been fixing holes along with Dave. A few more tonight, then the tarpaper goes on. Whoo hoo!
Daughter #1 and I have continued our destructive ways -- another section is gradually being stripped clean, though it's taking a while. The same idiot (Stu the Stutterer) who shotgunned nails willynilly on the other side of the roof was also at work here. We haven't come across any beercan repairs yet, though -- I told D#1 he probably switched to vodka. (!!!)

Bob the Builder and two of his crew will be starting on the house roof Saturday morning...I'm hoping to see lots of shingles when I get home late that night!

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You can get a free credit report (technically called a "credit file disclosure") annually from each of the big three credit report companies (Equifax, et al) by visiting here:

But that report, helpful as it is, does not contain your actual credit score -- you have to pay extra for that.

Now for only the first 10,000 who respond, Equifax is offering your credit score free of charge! This offer has been out for a few days, so I can't guarantee how many openings are left. Run, don't walk over to this site and apply:

It will help you get a much better handle on how you'll fare if applying for loans, credit cards and such.

Happy Fall to you.

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