Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New Review for CRAZY QUILTS!

Take a look at the Quilt Channel blog:


Quotes from this review include:

Crazy Quilts contains many beautiful color photos of significant examples of the style from its heyday in the 1890s, but equally significant is the coverage of the legacy of the crazy style into the present day. Stunning quilts by Judith Baker Montano and Terrie Mangat, among others, are generously represented in large photos. My favorite is the double-truck of Mangat's “Cleveland Fireworks,” a dramatic expressionist work commissioned by the Cleveland University Hospital for display in their entrance foyer. It absolutely takes your breath away.

Part 2 of the book is the inevitable and indispensable section on how to make your own crazy quilt. It addresses piecing, stitching and embellishing the quilt, including three different construction methods, traditional hand-piecing, paper foundation piecing, and a Cindy Brick technique called “shadow crazy piecing,” billed as the fastest of the methods, using either hand or machine piecing. An appendix includes a large collection of elaborate embroidery motifs with lots of birds, flowers, and an Art Deco alphabet, among other designs.

This handsome volume belongs on the shelf of any quilter touched by this rich tradition. Which in all likelihood includes all of us.

Thanks, Rob. I'm honored.

You can still get CRAZY QUILTS from the Brickworks website at less than what you'd pay for it on Amazon -- free shipping included! Visit us at http://www.cindybrick.com to find out more...

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