Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roofing It...

One of the best ways to get over financial worries...

Carry shingles.

That is -- packages of shingles. Weight: 75 pounds each.

Drag the wheelbarrow over to the pallet. (Husband's decision to choose a no-deflate wheel on the wheelbarrow was a brilliant idea, considering the nails everywhere.)

Look at pallet, stacked high. (Remind self that there were originally three pallets -- and this is the only one left.) Straighten back. Sigh a little.

Hunker down again. Get a good purchase on the package...huhhnnnhh...and slide it into the wheelbarrow. Repeat with one more package. (Wipe away slobber as dog Goonie rewards Mom's New Game with a good-sized lick on the face.)

Wheel barrow over to ladder -- and stone wall. Get another grab on package #1, and...oof...lift it onto stone. Let go.


Repeat. Rub sore ankle after empty wheelbarrow tipped on it.

Back to the pallet.

I did this for 12 packages this afternoon. Hmmm. What's 12 x 75? I personally lifted 900 pounds?

And three of those are up on the roof, as well. Now to get the other nine there...

Daughter #1 and Husband are up on the roof, arguing with each other and (hopefully) nailing shingles down. I hear the rapid bang of the nail gun -- a promising sign.

Old shingles are picked up. (Although I'll be finding nails and bits of tarpaper in my flowerbeds for probably years to come.) The dumpster's gone.

And it's a lovely, warm fall day.

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You may have found the secret to weight loss! ha ha

I Triple-Dog-Dare You!

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