Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on the Steakburger Special

well, folks, all good things must eventually come to an end.

Here's the original post on getting steakburgers from Omaha Steaks for 36 cents a pound:

And here's Catherine's update:

People are now reporting that Omaha Steaks is canceling their orders. According to their website, my order already shipped, and hopefully those of you whose orders are already in transit too will still get your order. This seems like fairly bad customer service to me, but if you're still interested in purchasing from the company and can handle them changing the rules every few hours, the information below should still be applicable to $100 orders.

It seems that this deal has been modified as of this morning. You can still get a $25 gift card from the Geico website (as described in step 1 below), but you will have to use it for a purchase of at least $50. You can also still get the free hamburgers from step 2, but if you combine that with the Geico card from step 1, you will still have to spend $25 out of pocket. If you were to order, for example, 32 steak burgers for $39, plus the free 12 burgers, and shipping, then applied your $25 gift card, you'd be spending approximately $2.25 per pound for the beef, delivered.

In my area, $2.25 a pound for lean ground steak is still a really good price, but it's up to you if you feel like that is worth your money or not.

Further Update: Now some people are reporting that the $25 gift card is only good for orders over $100. I'm sorry I can't actually come up with any way to make that frugal, unless you were already planning to spend that much, in which case maybe the gift card and free burgers will help you get a better deal than you would have gotten otherwise.

And EVEN FURTHER: Apparently if you actually call Omaha Steaks and place your order on the phone, they will give you the $25 off without the $50 or $100 restriction, but you won't get the free burgers that way. Still, you'd get the 8 burgers for $1.99, which is 2.5 pounds of meat for under $2, and still a good deal.

But I still haven't gotten my gift card number from GEICO!

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