Sunday, October 12, 2008

Visit the Bunny

...Big Bunny, that is.

Daughters #1 and #2 have gotten me hooked on the adventures of Big Bunny and his 'plump, delicious' little friends. Start with episode one, then work your way through... follow your tasty dreams!

And if bunnies (and other animals) are your speed, do you plan on leaving your hard-earned cash to them? Leona Helmsley her dog, Trouble. (The white fluffy Maltese Big Bunny would call 'plump, delicious' and we would call a 'Yipey' dog.) Trouble's $12 million was recently reduced by $10 million (poor little doggy)...but hey, the dog's nine years old and in poor health.

This article on people who have willed their substantial estates to dogs, cats and other pets is here:

Leona takes front and center stage -- a spot she enjoyed, anyway -- but it's well worth reading, for the questions that arise.

Still cold and chilly here, with spitting rain. Jess is doing a crossword puzzle (and asking about clues, which I am a real doofus on.) Dave is watching the Broncos play; I may not be on the roof, but that doesn't stop me from wondering how in the world we're going to get it finished...

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