Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hand-Done for the Holidays

One of my favorite blogging buddies, Almost Frugal, has a mini-encyclopedia of handcrafts. Not only are they do-able for practically anybody, but they'll make wonderful gifts and decorations this season!

This one, for a 'ragamuffin' garland that uses up leftover strips and scraps. (I see it curved into wreath form, too.)


And I like this ribbon wreath:


The version in the post has a Halloween twist to it, but I'm seeing it in plaid form for Christmas. Guess what project I think I'll be doing this weekend?

Check out more of Long Thread's posts, too...she doesn't always give instructions, but the pictures are often enough for you to figure them out.

Be sure to check out the other projects in Almost Frugal's section; they're lovely.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Cindy. Don't see the 'cuteness'. Last thing I want to look at (during these rough times) are rags. or even worse: pieces of rags.


Cindy Brick said...

Welll...at least these rags are being used up, for once!

But you can do the same thing with ribbons, if the 'scruffy' look isn't to your taste...

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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