Friday, November 7, 2008

In Defense of Sarah Palin

I admire the heck out of this woman.

She's already accomplished a great deal in her life -- and done it while raising a family. She tells it straight -- no ruffles, no fooling around. She is straightforward, and unafraid to advocate issues (pro-life, for example) that she might be criticized for.

Her critics have been shrill, cruel and picky, picky, picky. I have rarely seen the level of criticism Palin has been forced to endure, everything from daring to bear a child who is mentally retarded (why didn't she abort the kid? How could she be so stupid/unfeeling, etc.), working while having a family (nasty shots on this), enjoying the outdoors, having a husband who's a dog musher (some of the environmental organizations hopped onto this bandwagon), etc. etc.

I am amazed that national women's groups would be leading this charge. Here is a woman who has a national leadership position -- and was chosen for the possibility of even more. But by committing the crime of being a Conservative -- and, horror or horrors, a Christian!! -- she is Not Worthy.

Shame on them.

Shame on them for equating a Liberal stance with the feminine view. And accusing Palin of not being loyal to her sex, as a result.

Could you have taken the rudeness and snide remarks as graciously as she has? Could you have appeared on national television shows, knowing that you'd be picked at and made fun of...and STILL take it graciously? Head for home, with your former boss's lackeys taking potshots at you and accusing you of losing the election for him?

And STILL hang in there...

I think a future in the public glare is not over for Sarah Palin. Thank God. We need her.

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Dad started radiation today, instead of yesterday, as planned...came through it ok. No real change, of course -- too soon. His last protein count was a little better. Platelets production way down.

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Rained/fogged all day here...

but it was warm inside, and the Quilts of the Pioneers students were having a GREAT time, chatting and whipping fabric around! (I swear...I think we have the messiest classroom ever. And the threads on my black jeans are multiplying by the hour.)

Tomorrow: Discussing what makes up the American style. Then night class: How to Date (and an extremely quick look at repair methods) Old Quilts. (The other teachers have done a night class. Now it's my turn.)

I'm looking forward to it.


Elizabeth said...

Cindy, I've been enjoying your blog for some time now. I've never commented before but this time I feel compelled to. You will almost certainly not agree with any of my reasons for thinking Palin a very poor choice for running mate but my point is not to convince you but simply to clarify my reasons.

First, it has nothing to do with her Down's son. I have a Down's stepson; he is unquestioningly a gift from God and has enriched the lives of everyone who knows him. When I was pregnant with both of my own children, I refused all genetic testing because I was not afraid to bear a Down's child. There is no way I would personally consider an abortion and I believe that all children, perfect or not, deserve life. I am, in fact, the devoted mother of a son with Asperger's.

Second, my intense dislike of Palin has nothing to do with her being a Christian. I myself am a Christian and not the twice-a-year type either.

Third, I have no opinions about her husband's dogsledding.

Fourth, I do not judge her for choosing to work and raise a family and do not equate a "working mom" title with Liberal politics. As a Liberal stay-at-home mom, I know that those old stereotypes are completely false.

So why did I dislike McCain's choice so much?

One, I'm a social progressive. I believe that tolerance is a Godly virtue. In my eyes, without any assistance from the media, Palin painted herself as a very intolerant person.

Two, I abhor the very idea of abortion but abhor even more the idea of the government controlling my body.

Three, I don't want my President to be a person I'd like to have a beer with (if I drank beer, that is). I have nothing against the "average Joe/Jane" as I am one myself. But I want my President to be smarter and better educated than I am, well-spoken, even-tempered, wise, and open to counsel. We need someone who doesn't think in black & white but someone who appreciates the complexities of every issue. An Elite. Palin might be nice (despite the many testimonies to the contrary), but she's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Four, unless we bring some fiscal responsibility to our government, and fast, the US is in for a world of hurt. Although you probably won't agree, I believe that President-elect Obama is the man for that job. The last 8 years prove that fiscal responsibility is not inherent in the Republican party. And Palin's spending behavior belies any claim of frugality. McCain, war hero though he undoubtedly is, has no idea of what it's like for a middle class family in today's economy.

Fifth, I was nothing short of shocked at the hate-mongering and inciniary comments Palin made at her rallies.

Robert said...

Cindy, I don't do politics on my blog. But I do want to second your opinion here.
Sarah, by her very presence, turned over some huge rocks in our culture. Mostly it was the no-longer-to-be-credited-as-objective journalists, elitist pundits, and hypocritical feminists who scurried away from the light.

On another note, I'm glad to hear your classes are going so well!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Whoops, that second comment was from me. My DH had signed in on my computer.

A.L. said...


I do enjoy your blog, and I can respect your personal liking for Ms. Palin, however, I second Elizabeth's comments 100%.

Sarah Palin has NO business being anywhere near the White House. It was a most unfortunate choice for VP candidate. She is uneducated, simplistic in her thinking, a proven liar and abuser of the powers of her office, hate-mongering, inexperienced in foreign policy and national economy, profligate when it comes to spending money that is not her own (see stories about wardrobe which keeps getting worse and worse), vindictive, culturally backward (advocates censorship of books and will fire anyone trying to prevent that), etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on and on.

I am a Christian and abhor abortions (but am pro-choice to keep it legal). I was appalled that we had Sarah Palin forced upon us an example of a successful woman candidate. There are many better choices for the role of potential VP that were ignored. She was a barbie doll puppet with some scary attitudes and views. I read everything I could find about her and researched her public service history quite thoroughly. I watched all her interviews (the few that were allowed due to how she tends to embarrass the campaign). She's not qualified now, and all indications point to the fact that she will not be in the near future. She thinks Africa is a country and not a continent. That isn't being picky. She doesn't know what the VP does and erroneously thinks the VP is "in charge" of the Senate. She's an ignorant woman that accomplished some success in Alaska. Kudos for that! And Wow! But she has no business being anywhere near the office of POTUS. From everything I found out about her (verified sources) the press was kind to her.
God bless her and her family, but jeesh! America dodged a bullet with "that one!"

Susan said...

Well, I don't suppose we are taking a poll, but if we were, I'd be voting yes for Palin. =) She certainly is a gracious and elegant woman, intelligent, and I thought *quite* tolerant of opposing views, and people who constantly told lies about her and put her down for being exactly what women's libbers *ought* to have celebrated as the culmination of all their years of hope.

I believe Sarah would have been all the things that some other commenters think she wouldn't have been. I hope we have a chance to find out in a few years. A little more black and white view of the world might have kept us out of the mess we are in right now. =)

Kudos to you for being brave enough to put your opinion out there in the public eye!

Your class sounded like something it would be such fun to join!

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you, all of you, for taking the time to tell me (and us, collectively) what you think! I am always open to discussion...and I value knowing what others think. Your comments here are thoughtful and measured.
I appreciate all of you so much.

sweetbabies00 said...

You would think that people could see that as a woman she was treated badly. But "intense dislike" is common for some people with different views.
Thanks for your opinion, Cindy.

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