Sunday, November 2, 2008

You Say Potay-ta, I Say Po-tata

This blogger says McCain is doomed, because nobody from the current-party-in-power wins when there's also a recession going on...or so she quotes.

"Here is the list from previous years: Hayes (1876), Cleveland (1884), McKinley (1896), Harding (1920), Roosevelt (1932), Kennedy (1960), and Reagan (1980). If history is any predictor McCain may very well be doomed."

Right. Uh-huh. Apparently we haven't had any other recessions (or the old-fashioned term, 'panics') any of the other election years? Well, oops... because we have. I also find it interesting that the list stops at 1876, leaving out a century of election years...and financial panics.

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And this blogger is equally convinced that Obama is unrealistic, unprepared and overoptimistic:

This lady can be nasty and pompous in equal doses, assumes that her word is all-knowing, and she is well-aware of everything nationally. (The sad truth -- she's an East Coast snob who doesn't seem to have a clue of anything further west than the New York state line.)

* * * * * * * * ** * * *

I could say who I am voting for. I could try to persuade you to vote the same way with all sorts of insults and demeaning statements. (After all, isn't that how political commercials seem to think we operate?) The thing is -- my chosen candidate is not perfect. He has made statements I don't always agree with...and I am not sure he honestly will go through with all of the promises he's made.

On the other hand, I've admired some statements he's made, especially the ones that are not popular. I've admired his courage and willingness to take an individual stand.

There. Can you tell? Of course not. Both Obama and McCain have done this.

The thing is: at least in my home state (Colorado), many, many people have already voted! Absentee ballots and early voting made it easy. Which makes the advertising (and rudeness) we have to endure through Nov. 3 both irritating and unnecessary.

The other is: you need to vote, based on your convictions. But the most important thing is:

You need to vote.

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