Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Freebie Worth Requesting! And More

Eight-plus inches of snow do not a school cancellation make. Darn it.

Here's a GREAT freebie -- a DVD of Amazing Grace. This movie's a keeper. It details the years-long struggle of Wilberforce to free slaves in Great Britain decades before it occurred to us here in the U.S. (Ok, my Brit friends, this is indeed one area we goofed up in.) John Newton, a former slaver himself, and composer of the hymn Amazing Grace, also makes an appearance.

It's an outstanding movie -- and now you can get it free just by registering at Walden Media. (A calendar comes along with the mix too, if you like.) But I'm guessing that supplies are limited -- check it out now:


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Some great gift ideas, thanks to Being Frugal and Cash Money Life:



Husband and I went out in the snowstorm last night for a high school concert (my voice student girlie -- who did a wonderful job). I got him to make a quickie stop to Big Lots, for a last-minute pickup of stocking stuffers. He rarely goes there, and was shocked at the high quality items going for much less...Walker brand shortbread, York peppermint patties, imported olives, and so on.

You may find nothing -- but it's been a rare event when I haven't found an excellent product at Big Lots at a giveaway price. You just have to be discriminating.

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