Monday, December 1, 2008

Food - ANYTHING but Turkey!

It's almost gone.

The 20 lb.-plus turkey I cooked Thursday morning is a memory...except for a handful of dark meat meant for Dave's lunchtime sandwich.

I thought, when Chicks #1 and #2 flipped the nest, that my food would stretch further. Ha. When the kiddos left for home Thanksgiving evening, they took substantial doggy bags with them. What was left made two meals of turkey & gravy for us, plus some goodies for the dogs.

I'm not griping. Really. Few things are more disgusting than a 5-day-old pile of turkey with an off-taste. It's just... just... where did it all go?!?

If you're shuffling through your refrigerator as well, and wondering what happened, take a minute to visit Clara, a 91-year-old grandma and fine cook. Her YouTube posts on Depression era cooking are gems. Try this one, the Poorman's meal:

Watching Clara cook is like being with my grandma while she made Christmas sugar cookies (and fussed -- a prime Cumings trait). Grandma died when I was in high school; I miss her.

Off to watch Ratatouille...and dream of pork chops a la francais.

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