Monday, December 15, 2008

A Great E-Book on Saving Money - Free!

Live to Budget, bless his heart, got together with nine other bloggers to write Spend Less Than You Earn. It's a tidy compendium of ideas to save money and reduce your spending -- some of which might come in handy this holiday season.

And best of all, it's free! Just download the e-book from Live to Budget's blog:

It is cold here. As in dive-back-under-the-blankets-invite-the-dog COLD. (Or, as Husband says, a stay in and hold your baby sort of day. Too bad we both had to work.)

We spent yesterday afternoon snoozing, watching the Broncos lose (again), fireplace and space heater going, the dogs snuggled down under our feet...and I still was a bit chilly. It's supposed to be this way all week.

Daughter #1 taught snowboarding in this iciness to a group of Detroit kids. She said it was all she could do not to say to them, "Ok, practice this -- I'll be watching you from inside." They complained a lot, too. Thankfully, no one wanted to stay out extra long.

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